For What It's Worth

"The 2016 election was difficult on many relationships, and I was no exception. Like most other Americans, it caused me to see people who I knew and loved in a new light. It raised questions and doubts about their nature and character. I did my best to keep an open mind and hear out their side (I had a 50/50 success rate) and what I heard was that they were fearful. Overwhelmingly and abundantly, they were scared of terrorists. They feared for the safety of their schools. They feared for the safety of their churches, national monuments, and public places. They saw something in Donald Trump that made them feel safe. They saw a “tough guy,” they saw someone strong and uncompromising in his leadership. Looking at it this way, it’s not as hard to understand why so many supported his candidacy. Who among us isn’t afraid of terrorism in its various forms?

Unfortunately, for those supporters and the rest of us who were not as supportive, Trump has let all Americans down. He has done nothing to increase our security and peace of mind. He has antagonized foreign leaders. He has gone a step further and actually emboldened terrorists to continue their hate-mongering and violence.

The only thing he has succeeded in doing is closing the helping hand of America to desperate, Syrian refugees. None of us is safer under his leadership. Brown skin or white skin- terrorism is terrorism. And Trump has shown us all where his heart (or lack thereof) lies."

I posted the excerpt above to my Facebook page last night. I tried/am trying to sort through the events that transpired in Charlottesville this weekend. I remember remarking to a friend the night of Trump's inauguration that I took for granted how safe President Obama made me feel. I took for granted that my President would be on the right side of history. I took for granted that I could trust my Commander-in-Chief to always let his morality guide his decision-making. 

I am genuinely afraid of the man that currently resides in the White House. He does not make me feel safe. He will not be on the right side of history. And he has demonstrated quite clearly by his refusal to condemn neo-Nazis and white supremacists that there is no morality guiding his decision-making. This all scares me.

And yet, there's a glimmer of hope. Last I read, the man in the White House has a 34% approval rating. The majority of my fellow Americans will not let this man speak for us. We are better than his message of bigotry, greed, and hatred. We want for a country that is inclusive, that is peaceful, that is filled with compassionate, kind and good-hearted people. If we cannot look to our leader to set the example, we will just have to be the example. We must resist the message that any person is less than, in the eyes of God and in the eyes of the Constitution of the United States of America. We have come far, but we have so much farther to go. We will not let this bully speak for us. 

66% of us will not let it be so.

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