Blogger Love v.17

Remember that time I published five posts in a week, and then promptly got super busy and couldn't find time to blog the following week? Yeah. That happened.

I can't wait until things are more in stone so I can finally share everything that's happening in my life that's making me SO busy. Alas, I'm not quite there yet. So until I am, here are some amazing bloggers who currently have it together more than I do!

Going Beyond the Meme by the florkens

I loved Kate's post about how people on both sides of the political spectrum are reducing each other to memes and how harmful that is. She demonstrates why she doesn't fit neatly into the liberal archetype and makes a case for stopping the use of counterproductive stereotyping. Honestly though, I love all of her political posts, so I may be biased.

The Forgotten Baby by Hippie at Heart

Candace's post about her third baby will hit you right in the feels. Just trust me.

Easiest IKEA Makeovers Ever: 10 Transformations Using Spray Paint by Apartment Therapy

Since my mind is fixated on all things home improvement, I've been dwelling on what to do about our bed situation. We have a bed, but no head or footboard and it bothers the heck out of me. This post was ingenious- buy a cheap IKEA bed and spray paint it any color you want! Why didn't I think of that?!

10 Confessions of a 2nd Time Mom by Our Grand Life

Jenn and I became Mommy's for the first time just two days apart. And then for the second time, just a few months apart. Literally everything she says in this post is SPOT ON.

Livin' on Love: What I Want You to Know About Being Poor by Suzanne @ Dayton Moms Blog

When I quit my job in November, we knew things were going to be tight, financially. But it has been so much harder than we prepared for. I'm not sure if/when/how I'll divulge everything that's been going on- hopefully once we dig ourselves out of this hole we've found ourselves in. Anyhow, Suzanne's post so accurately sums up what our experience has been being incredibly poor. Really freaking hard, at times humiliating, but also really freaking blessed.

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What bloggers have you been loving on lately?

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