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On finding the thing you didn't know you were looking for, and moving, and green gables by Modern Mrs. Darcy

Usually, this blog is my go-to for book lists, but Anne broke from her norm and wrote about magically stumbling upon their family's perfect home. I loved it so much because it reminded me so much of our happenstance journey home.

Publishing for Yourself by Hugs & Lattes

I think we've all been there- wondering if we should publish the post we want to publish, but know that no one is going to read. I love Christina's last lines, "Know yourself. Know your worth. And it’s ok to publish for yourself. The people who want to see more of you will show up."

I Think I'm Okay (and Some Thoughts on Self-Care) by The Lady Okie

So by now we all know I adore Amanda, right? She's a fantastic writer and her content is always just spot-on when it comes to motherhood. I love Amanda's authenticity when she writes about her struggles with being a working mom and experiencing jealousy of moms who get to stay home with their kids. This post was her working through that and was so heartfelt.

Your Normal Isn't the World's Normal and The Greatest Deception is That You Believe It Is by We are THAT Family

Yes, yes, yes! This post made me want to stand on a street corner and recite this line by line to passerby. We cannot compare our lives to our neighbor's and think that this is the norm for the rest of the world. Kristen talks about people for whom a dirt floor, no toys for their children, and bucket baths are their normal.

So I Quit Drinking by Sarah Bessey

The timing of this post was truly divine. We have someone close to us who recently committed to sobriety. They made their decision with no fanfare and haven't looked back. We've already seen the change in this person's life, and the ripple effect it's already having in the lives of their loved ones. When Sarah (one of my all-time favorite authors) posted this, I shared it with my loved one and knew it would speak to their heart.

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What posts are you loving as of late?

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