Blog Clean-Up: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This past weekend, in a bout of nostalgia, I started to look back and re-read some of my earliest blog posts. We're talking 2009, folks. Allow me to set the scene. I was a young and naive college student who had her first college boyfriend. Not just my first college boyfriend, but my first ever boyfriend. I had no idea what a real relationship looked or felt like, so clearly it was destined for success. I was also embarking upon my first solo trip abroad- four months spent in Mukono, Uganda.

My writing was epistolary, filled with colloquial language and slang, and riddled with glaring grammatical errors. Quite frankly, if not for the fact that it was documenting an incredibly precious time in my life, I would delete all that shit in a heartbeat.

The more I dove in, the more I realized just how terrible many of my past blog posts truly are. The writing is bad and there are so many broken links and missing images, it's disgusting. I realized that I really need to commit to cleaning this blog up. Considering that the greatest number of people are coming to his blog through Google searches, I'd be foolish not to.

So, in poking fun of 2009 blogger Kaity, here's what I discovered looking back on 8 years of blogging:


Obviously, I had to save "the good" for last. Let's talk about the bad. And man, there is sooo much bad. I'm fairly certain that the years of 2010-2013 were nothing but link-ups, surveys and questionnaires. Bloggers who were around back in the day, why were there so many link-ups?! Link-ups for wedding pictures, link-ups for newlywed questionnaires, link-ups for your favorite Christmas songs. It was ridiculous.

Also, blogger swaps. Listen, I love a good book exchange. But in my mind, anything else is silly. As if buying presents for all of my family and friends at Christmastime wasn't enough, now I'm going to go buy an ornament for some random person on the internet I've never met before? Nope. Not going to happen again.


This can really be widdled down to one HUGE, recurring problem. Pictures. Either my posts lacked them completely, or once upon a time I stole them (without giving credit a lot of the time) and 8 years later, the links are broken. If you look at my old posts for about a five-year stretch, you'll be lucky if you stumble upon any with a decent photo or graphic. And the posts that did have photos? Girl, re-size that shit to extra-large. NO ONE CAN SEE THEM!

Oh gosh, and I can't forget to mention- justification. All of my posts for about 7 of those 8 years were center-justified and so annoying to read.


Despite the just plain awful formatting, grammar, and aesthetics, not all my content was terrible. As I tried (for years) to find my niche, I experimented with a few different themes:

  1. "The Frugal Fashionista"- I have and will never be a fashion blogger. I like looking for inspiration from other fashion bloggers, but it's not my thing. I'm neither stylish, nor do I have the disposable income to support a fashion blogging hobby. However, I did have a few posts (that contained pretty sad-looking photos) about fashion on a budget. I'm a suuuuper thrifty shopper, so I actually wouldn't mind trying this again in the future. Just a post maybe every few months about outfits I'm liking that didn't break the bank.
  2. Sustainably Kaity- When I was in grad school pursuing a Masters in Food Studies, I created a second blog I titled, Sustainably Kaity. It was a food-centric blog that dealt with topics related to the food system, organic/local farming, vegetarian/veganism, world hunger, and of course, cooking. Once I dropped out of grad school, I kind of lost my motivation to keep it going. However, my passion for those same subjects hasn't wavered, It might be fun to resurrect some food-related topics, or dabble in some food blogging in the future.
  3. Tattoos- The only post in which I ever talked about my tattoos was a guest post I did for a blogger who is no longer around (which seems to be a recurring theme). I'd like to do a blog in the future about the reasons behind each of my tattoos, especially now that I've added a third since that initial post.
  4. Sunday Blessings- During the era of the link-ups, I tried to start one of my own. It was a recurring Sunday post called "Sunday Blessings." At most, I think I had maybe five people link up, so in that regard it was a fail. But I actually still like the sentiment behind it. Every Sunday, I would devote a post to counting my blessings. Plain and simple. I think it's something that would be nice to bring back.
Since wading through that years-long mess, I've committed myself to cleaning it up. I've already deleted some posts that were embarrassing, or linked to blogs that no longer exist. It's going to be a lengthy process, but I want to freshen up some of my spelling and grammar issues, as well as go through the tedious process of including some kind of graphic in all of my posts. It's going to be time-consuming, but I want to preserve those memories. Plus, I want to make sure that all of my content is a timeless and accurate representation of who I am and what I believe.

> > >

If you're a blogger, have you spent any time cleaning up your blog? What did you discover?

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