8 Reasons I Want to Be Molly Weasley

If you're new here, spoiler alert: I am a full-fledged Harry Potter nerd. Every time I re-read the series, I discover my love for a new favorite character. I love that Neville Longbottom is motivated by love and loyalty to his friends and family to do the scary, courageous act of standing up to Lord Voldemort. I love that Luna Lovegood is not swayed by the opinions of others in her quest for knowledge and wisdom. And after I became a mother, I grew an entirely deeper level of appreciation for the amazing character of Molly Weasley.

She loves with food. I love food and I love what food means to people. Food can mean, "Happy Birthday!" Food can mean, I'm so sorry for your loss. Food can mean, I love you and I want to help sustain you. Molly loves her family, but biological and non with food and lots of it. This gift is made all the more special in light of the Weasley's financial circumstances. Molly doesn't have much to give, but she gives what she can and it's beautiful.

She is a good teacher. Always patient and nurturing, Molly sweetly instructs Harry how to get to Platform 9 3/4 upon his arrival at King's Cross station. Though she is oft overlooked, Molly has some serious skills, both domestically and defensively to teach her brood of gingers.

She took care of Harry as her own. Molly's maternal instincts led her to reach out to orphanned Harry before she even knew who he was. Even after she realized he was the infamous "Boy Who Lived," she saw past his fame and just sought to take care of a child in need. Her adoption of Harry into the Weasley clan was purely selfless.

But respected the parental figures in his life. Although she took Harry in and cared for him without question, never once did she try to replace his deceased parents. She knew what Lily and James meant to Harry and her own relationship with her children ensured that not once did she try to diminish the role of his biological parents in his life.

Her worst fear is the death of her family. Dementors? No problem. Lord Voldemort himself? Not so much. Losing one of her loved ones? Molly's absolute worst fear. The scene in which she fails to take care of a pesky boggart who takes the form of her deceased loved ones is completely heart-wrenching. This scene is one of the first in which we truly catch a glimpse of who Molly is. And who Molly is, is someone who loves fiercely and unconditionally.

She was not afraid to discipline her children. Just because Molly loved with her whole heart, did not mean she was to be messed with. She believed in tough love and did whatever she needed to do to keep her children out of harm's way. Her kids always knew they were loved, but they also knew not to test their limits because the wrath of Molly Weasley is not something you want headed your way.

She loves her husband madly. As the series progresses and Death Eaters lurk left and right, it's impossible to tell who to trust. Members of the Order of the Phoenix develop code words to reveal that they are not someone posing with polyjuice potion. Arthur and Molly's code word? His nickname for her, "Mollywobbles." This precious moment between the two Weasleys goes to show, even after 7 kids, how much Arthur and Weasley truly adore each other. Their romance is one of the sweetest of the entire series.

Not my daughter, you bitch! Until the Battle of Hogwarts, wizards both dark and good, tend to underestimate Molly's powers. Seemingly, her greatest contribution to the Order of the Phoenix is ensuring that its members are well-fed and its underage wizards not killed. That is, until Bellatrix Lestrange murders one of her sons. And well, hell hath no fury. Molly ultimately avenges George's death and ensures that the evil Lestrange sister can never kill again.

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Who is your favorite Harry Potter character and why?

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