5 Things You Won't Find on any Baby Registry

As a new Mommy I had virtually no idea what on earth a baby needed or what items I should include on my baby registry. Fortunately, Lucie's List and BabyList were hugely helpful in outlining what I should expect, but there is nothing like real, hands-on motherhood to help you figure out what your baby needs- fast! These are just a handful of the weird, random, and unexpected things I've come to depend on as a new-ish mom that you won't find on any baby registry:

1. An old cell phone
Charlie literally goes to bed with my old, hot pink Blackberry every night. I've hung onto pretty much every cell phone I've ever had for Lord knows what reason. As it turns out, my two year old is the reason. Charlie loves making calls on his phone and will "call" his Nonnie to say "Hello? Okay, bye" on the regular. It's flipping adorable.

2. Ad-free Spotify
Our brother and sister-in-law totally get the credit for this tip, but if you are ever in need of some soothing music to lull baby to sleep, look up The Six Parts Seven. Their music is hard to describe, but Wikipedia says they're a rock band who plays instrumental music, which is pretty accurate. Every time we put Crosby down for a nap in our bed with their music playing in the background, I swear he's knocked out for 2-3 hours.

3. PBS Kids
I was really adamant that my kids would not grow up in front of a screen. Charlie never watched TV for the first year of our life when he was home. Then, I had a second kid and things changed. Sometimes the only way I can occupy my toddler long enough to take care of my infant, or get work done is to plop him on the couch in front of PBS Kids for an hour or two. His favorite shows are Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Dinosaur Train, and Thomas the Train. #boymom

4. A stick
It doesn't matter what kind of fun, expensive, outdoor toys you buy your kids. They'll head right for the stick.

5. Coffee
Before I had kids, I didn't drink coffee ever. I didn't like the taste of it and I thought it was unhealthy that people relied on a stimulant when all they needed was a good night's sleep. Then I had a kid, and I drank it every once in awhile after those nights when I was up all night long. Then I had a second kid, and my morning coffee is quite possibly the best part of my day. The day I'm no longer breastfeeding and I can have more than one cup per day will be the most glorious of days.

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Are you a parent? What weird, random things have you found useful?

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