The Ultimate Blogging Cliche: The Coffee Date

It's come to attention that the audience of this blog is probably 50/50 bloggers and non-bloggers. So for the bloggers, you can skip this part, you know what this "coffee date" deal is about. For you non-bloggers, there exists a completely cliche and overused blogging prompt called "the coffee date." Basically, I pretend I we're going on a coffee date and spill everything that's been happening in my life as of late that's allowed me to leave this blog utterly neglected. It's cutesy and requires a minimal amount of effort which is great for those seasons when life is chaotic and brain power is hard to come by.

If we were on a coffee date...I'd make a lame joke about meeting my coffee quota for the day since I'm breastfeeding and limited to one cup of day. Which is just about the most depressing thing ever.

If we were on a coffee date...I'd whine about how sick I've been the last few days. Seriously, this house has seen so much toddler and Mommy puke in the last week. It's terrible.

If we were on a coffee date...I'd fill you in on my latest family drama. There's been crazy stuff happening as of late. Seriously, crazy. Unfortunately, I cannot divulge as of now, but when certain situations have been resolved, I will absolutely be sharing because woah man, woah.

If we were on a coffee date...I'd talk about the various side projects I've started working on. I'd tell you that I'm worried I may be over-committing and stretching myself too thin because being a full-time Mom is enough of a job in and of itself. I'd confess that I'm stressed about our finances and frustrated that all of the side hustling I'm doing doesn't seem to be yielding anything in return.

If we were on a coffee date...I'd try to lighten the mood by talking about all the fun ideas I have to decorate and remodel our home. I'd tell you that being home 24/7 has really given me new motivation to make our house more home-y and has brought out the interior design bug in me that I never knew I had.

If we were on a coffee date...I'd tell you that up until I got sick, I was getting really into exercising with Daily Burn. I'd really like to get back into running now that I don't plan on having babies any time soon, so I'm starting slow with some postnatal yoga and working my way back into shape!

If we were on a coffee date...I'd ask you whether you had plans for this spring and summer. Personally, I need some Vitamin D in my life and can't wait to be outside every day walking, hiking, swimming, and gardening!

If we were on a coffee date...I'd apologize for having to duck out early, but these crazy kiddos of mine won't stay still for long. I'd give you a hug and make sure you got a Charlie squeeze too. I'd bid you adieu and promise myself that I'd get out of my blogging rut and hopefully not have to resort to a make-believe coffee date to document my life for a good long while ;)

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