Boys' Bedroom Remodel: Inspiration

When we first bought our house in August 2015, we were so excited by the fact that it had a fourth bedroom. We wanted the flexibility to allow the boys to have their own rooms when they were older, as well as have a guest room and possibly an office. Except the fourth bedroom is...awkward. While it was listed as having four bedrooms to increase the house's value, technically, it's more of a finished attic. There is no window and our living room fireplace goes right through the middle of the room. There is also no real closet space; just a few shelves squeezed into an awkward corner nook. 

That being said, it has potential. The odd layout of the room is also what gives it some fun character that would make it a perfect little boy's bedroom.

Although our budget is not exactly remodel-friendly, now that I'm home full-time I have the time to devote to doing small projects here and there to transform the space. I've utilized some paint and primer leftover by the realtor who sold us the house. We also made a trip to our local Habitat for Humanity Restore and scored some painting tools for less than $3. However, my most valuable asset is our family friend who is a retired builder and gives me occasional tips and tricks.

This is the "before" shot of the space:

I hate the paint color. I hate the stupid, sports-themed border and light fixture. I hate the paneling on the back wall. I hate the random nook in the corner that's too small to be all that useful. Sigh. 

So far with few resources on-hand, I've been able to remove the border, light fixture and my aforementioned friend helped me to remove the trim and paneling off the back wall. Currently, the room looks like this:

Priority number one will be installing a window, and then I hope to put up some rustic-looking wood boards on the back wall. This will likely be the largest expense, so we'll have to wait until we pay off a little bit of debt and have more income coming in before we can justify making the change. My hope is to play off of the sloped ceiling and make it a campy, rustic, cabin theme.

This is my inspiration board:

So, what do you think of the theme? Do you have any tips for home design on a dime?

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