On Inauguration Day

I was thinking about the post I wrote eight years ago when I listened to President Obama's inauguration and the post I wrote four years ago when President Obama was re-elected. Thinking about them both fills me with a deep sense of sadness. To me, this isn't about bipartisan politics. It's about a huge blow to the dignity and integrity of our democracy and the position of Commander-in-Chief. It seems that every day when I think President-elect Trump can't stoop lower, appear more ignorant, or be more offensive, he finds a way to top himself.

I feel the need to state that this isn't a post I want to write. But it's a post that I feel that I should write. I want to lay out my hopes and fears for the next four years and look back in 2020 and be pleasantly surprised that I was proved wrong. I hope to God I am wrong.

  • I fear that President-elect Trump's thin skin and unfiltered mouth will damage our relationships with other countries, our reputation in the world, and put us at greater risk of international conflict.
  • I hope that by some miracle, perhaps President-elect Trump will improve diplomatic relations with Russia which will help put an end to the conflict in Syria and save countless lives.
  • I fear that Trump's economic policies will undo all the work President Obama did to lift us out of the recession and that quitting my job to stay home will have been a big mistake. 
  • I hope that the uprising of love I see in my own circle of friends and larger community will overcome and drown out the hate motivated by Trump's rhetoric.
  • I fear that President-elect Trump will cave to the peer pressure of his fellow Republicans and make significant cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid which will majorly impact my parents and other hardworking Baby Boomers who have paid into these systems for decades.
  • I hope that the Obama family will remain at the forefront in the fight for civil rights, social justice, and economic reform.
If I'm being honest, this list is incredibly abbreviated and could go on for far longer, but right now I don't have as many hopes to counterbalance the fears which is sad, scary, and upsetting. The silver lining of this entire election cycle has been the fire I've witnessed within my circle of women. Recently, some of us decided to meet monthly to discuss how we may be more politically active, but mostly how we can take it upon ourselves to bring more light and love into the world, To be a part of this group of women is such a blessing and gives me such hope on days when I would much rather cave into despair.

Be the light, friends. Be the love. It's on us now. 

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