My Mother-in-Law

Circa 2011
This past Saturday, my mother-in-law celebrated 40 years married to the love of her life with her closest friends and family. On that same day, she treated to me a mani/pedi appointment, acutely aware that sometimes, we all need some girl time. That's the kind of woman she is.
When people learn how close we are, they comment on how lucky I am. It generally takes me by surprise because while I do feel lucky, I don't know any different. I recognize that mother/daughter-in-law relationships have a tendency to be...tense. It's just never been the case for me. From the day she met me, she has treated me like a daughter.
At the annual family Christmas party we made one of our guests squirm when we jokingly recalled her trying to persuade Chuck and I to "just do it" before our wedding day during our abstinence pact when the wedding stress was overwhelming. She cares deeply, passionately not only about her kids, but about their significant others. She is perhaps my blog's biggest fan and left this comment regarding my traumatic Starbucks experience:
"I HATE that you got a 2nd degree burn (I have some stories on that too; Thanksgiving, 1979), but I LOVE that you had an unexpected day with your hubby, hunkering down in the warmth of your home (on an 8 degree day), doing what you love best. THAT, is Stuckert "Luck." It is God turning the seemingly negative into an incredible positive. It's more than luck...it's God's promise."
This is her to a T- always seeking out silver linings, always supportive of Chuck and my relationship. She is one of a kind, and deserves a post all her own because I don't share often enough what a blessing she is to me.
Happy [Early] Anniversary, Mama (and Papaw) Stuckert- I love you!


  1. Aww that's wonderful. You are very lucky! She seems like an amazing woman.

  2. That's so cute and you're lucky to have such a great MIL! Mine is pretty awesome too :-)

  3. Damn-it, Kaity...I've made it through this whole event without balling my eyes out until now. (Did I ever tell you that my nick-name used to be "Sherry Damnit" because, somehow I always managed to bring the 'pot-pie person' (crusty surface, mush inside) to tears?) - well, you just did it. You and your gift for words painting the picture. You are such a gift to our lives. I look at that photo of us and I remember not only the moment it was taken, but what we were both feeling. Such a bitter-sweet moment: suffering (the loss of a dear family friend)/thankfulness (clinging to each other because we were still here and KNEW how blessed we were!). Thank you for the early anniversary love and for being not only the girl of my youngest son's dreams but a BEST friend to me. I thank you for the tribute and you know what? I'm going to write my first blog which you helped me set up. You will have to come over and go through the "how to post your blog" procedure with me again, but I remember you telling me to "Just write! Save it! You can add it later!" I love you dearly, Kaity The Best Stuckert (& I can call you this freely because our Annen said it first!). She gets me; like you, she gets all of us Stuckert women (Joni, Sarah and, I pray, Ashley). I am over-the-moon thankful & appreciative!. MS

  4. You are truly SO lucky in the mother-in-law department!