Being Married to a Stuckert

To most of you, this post won’t mean much. There are no words to adequately describe how truly wonderful, loving, frustrating, entertaining and altogether crazy my in-laws are.

I’ve always thought of myself as someone pretty easy-peasy. Someone who goes with the flow. Until I married a Stuckert. If a Stuckert tells you they’ll be somewhere at 2:00 PM, expect them at 4:00 PM. I never realized what a control freak I can be until I came into contact with a group of people who epitomize easy-peasy. They drive me nuts sometimes, but I like that it’s enabled me to learn something new about myself: I like order. I like routine. I like having a schedule. As I’ve gotten older, I’m finding these things out and becoming more comfortable with who I am as Mrs. Stuckert.

I’ve always thought of myself as someone who loved music. Until I married a Stuckert. I’ve got a pretty decent archive of bands, songs, and albums stored up in my ol’ noggin. But I think being around this family has helped my appreciation for the discipline and artistry required for such brilliant songwriting grow tenfold. At any given time at the Stuckert compound, there might be a guitar being strummed, piano keys being tap-tap-tapped or a newly recorded demo being broadcasted for the first time. I love that being a Stuckert means that I have live music at my constant disposal.

I’ve always thought of myself as someone who loves their family. I mean, that’s a given, right? Until I married a Stuckert. Don’t get me wrong, my mom and sister are my best friends in the world. But I know how to function without them. I honestly don’t know that the thought has ever occurred to the Stuckert clan. Being a Stuckert is a part of their identity. Sunday dinners, late nights in the Mancave, and joining up at The General Denver are all part of this unspoken magnetic attraction that they have toward each other. I’m an introvert through and through, so I love a lonely night in bed with a good book. But I have so grown to love the wonderful chaos of a Stuckert family dinner, or that glass of wine and conversation after a long day.

Being married to a Stuckert means being married to someone who is on a completely different time table. 

Being married to a Stuckert means being married to someone who will likely never outgrow their “party phase.” 

Being married to a Stuckert means I will never have my husband all to myself.

But being married to a Stuckert means always having an ear to vent to, an extra set of hands to move your heavy furniture and a constant source of love and support.

And I love being married to a Stuckert.


  1. That's cool that you've been able to observe so much about yourself and the difference between yours and your husbands family--and appreciate those differences instead of resenting them!

  2. We are ever so grateful to have you in the family - crazy & fun-loving as it is, I know it isn't easy-peasy. All I can say is, "Best laid plans..."

  3. I love being a Venable. He comes from the greatest family. They love hard, laugh hard, and just really enjoy each other! This is a great post!! Sounds like a great family you married into (even if they are 2 hours late to things! Haha.)