Thursday Thoughts: Changing my Name

Where last I left off on this particular subject, it was September 11, 2011 (see HERE). I had been engaged for 8 days and was feeling less-than-excited about trading my maiden name (Best) in for Chuck's last name (Stuckert). I mean, come on! I'm Kaity Best! That's a pretty awesome name. That's a name you remember!

Truthfully, my position on it didn't change much over the course of our engagement and I had somewhat reluctantly decided on going with Kaitlyn Best Stuckert. As in, dropping my middle name, Michelle, that I have no attachment to for my maiden name, which I may be overly attached to. I had made my peace with it, but was still a little salty about not being "Kaity the Best" anymore.

Then something happened- I got married. And all of a sudden "Kaity Stuckert" didn't seem so bad anymore. In fact, being labeled as a "Stuckert" was something I was really excited about.

I wish everyone could know the Stuckert family. They're practically the First Family of Wilmington, Ohio. Everyone in town knows them and they've contributed so much to the community they call home. Either they've had Mr. Stuckert as a teacher in high school, or they've served on a charitable board/committee with Mrs. Stuckert. Or maybe they've attended an Open Mic night sponsored by Rob and Annen's "Clinton County Live" and heard Rob and Lonnie play. Or they're incredibly thankful for Taylor's work in directing "Energize Clinton County" and bring sustainable solutions to an economically devastated town. Or it's possible they enjoyed a delicious meal at The General Denver Hotel served by the one and only, Joni. Or they remember when little Chuckie checked them in at the front desk of the Clinton County YMCA.

Taken about one month before
I was introduced to this wonderful family in November 2010.
Photo credit: Dani Byrd

Moral of my story? The Stuckert Family is wonderful. One of the things I heard multiple times at my wedding reception was how lucky I was to have married into this family, and more specifically, how blessed I was to have married Chuck. You see, "Stuckert" carries with it, connotations of kindness, compassion, fun and just general, goodness. And I for one, cannot wait to swap being "the Best" for being known as a member of the Stuckert family. ♥

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  1. That's sweet, Kaity! I love that you're so proud of your husband's family! It is really telling about your relationship and how strong it is. <3

  2. this is beautiful! isn't it fun to be claimed by your husband by taking his name? i love it! So wonderful how great your new family is! woo hoo...GOd is good! love Katie

  3. I absolutely love this post. It's so honest and heart felt. I too had some doubts about my last name, mainly because I am my father's only child and I thought he would appreciate me carrying the name on. But then Jason and I had dinner one night and I looked at him, then thought I'm going to be his wife.. His last name is something I will be proud to write, carry on, and become. :) I will never forget my past but he is my future :D

  4. this made me want to cry lol so so so nice! sounds like a lovely family that was pretty much made for you to marry into. congratulations! xo

    ps. the new layout is perfect!

  5. You make an excellent addition baby...and now, we're an even better family because of you. I'm really proud to be apart of your family as well. I love you like crazy :)