On Dressing Up and Making a Difference

Two years ago, I went 31 days without wearing pants. The reason? I wanted to raise funds and general awareness around modern-day slavery, human trafficking, and exploitation. The concept sounds silly, almost trivial when addressing such a grave and heinous issue. But, it's effective.

I set a goal that year to raise $250 for the Dressember Foundation thinking that all my friends and family would tire of my daily social media posts and ignore me. Instead, they surprised me. Friends I hadn't talked to in years, family members with differing political beliefs, and everyone in between came through and helped me to blow past my goal and raise $650 total! All of these funds going toward organizations such as International Justice Mission and A21, who not only help victims of sex trafficking but are actively pursuing justice to stop trafficking from occurring, period.

There were times when I felt silly or self-conscious during my 31 pants-free days, and I wondered whether this exercise was really doing any good. At the risk of sounding 82 years old, the proof was in the pudding. I raised $650 to benefit victims of modern-day slavery and human trafficking.

This year, I debated whether or not I would participate in Dressember again or not. With everything going on in our work lives and families, it just seemed like another thing to add to our neverending to-do list. And then something magical happened. A friend of mine wrote a Facebook post stating that she was inspired by a friend to participate in Dressember this year. That friend was me. I was humbled and barely held back tears when I realized, that I did indeed, make a difference.

That's what Make a Difference Day is all about. This Saturday, October 28 is Make a Difference Day. For those who may not know, Make a Difference Day is an annual day of nationwide service. Americans from all over the country pledge to volunteer their time, energy and resources to help a cause of their choice. If you're part of an organization and looking to plan your own non-profit fundraising event, there are a lot of tools out there to help you get started. Eventbrite, for example, has an easy step by step process to which you can find here.

It seemed like the perfect time to announce that in 2017, I will once again be participating in the Dressember challenge.

Because it's bigger than a dress.

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