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It has officially been forever since I've shone some love to my favorite bloggers. However, one of the best things about blogging is the community it inspires. It sounds silly to people outside of this little blogger bubble, but genuine relationships are formed in this online space. I have found solace in talking about this season of motherhood with so many ladies in the throes of it with me. Women all across the country, that I otherwise would never have the pleasure of knowing. We have found each other and confided in each other, and it's truly a beautiful thing.

Sometimes I have trouble finding new bloggers and so I'm so appreciative of other bloggers who share their favorites (no strings attached), and I too, try to pay it forward. I have a lot of recurring favorites, so this time, I thought I'd try and highlight bloggers who I haven't spotlighted before.

With that in mind, here are some of the blog posts I've been loving lately.

Bloggers I'm loving this Fall 2017

As a former Foodbanker, I'm obviously crazy passionate about fighting hunger and food insecurity both international and domestic. As if I didn't already love Erica enough, the fact that she used her platform to raise awareness for this tremendous cause made me love her even more.

The Boy Who Lived by Life as Louise
This was such a simple, silly post but I loved it. Blogging can feel too serious at times, so I loved reading about Audrey's Harry Potter books, characters, movies, etc. It was a good reminder that it wouldn't kill me to keep my own blog light every once in awhile (and that I need to pick up HP- I haven't read a single book in the series this year!)

How I organize my books on GoodReads by See You in a Porridge
Another super light post, but one that I found intriguing as a full-fledged GoodReads junkie. If you don't already, go find me there so I can see what you're reading!

The Truth About Debt by Angela Denker at Red Letter Christians
I took Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and it totally changed the way that Chuck and I handle our personal finances. I'm so thankful for the wisdom I gained from that course, but there were a couple things that I just couldn't bring myself to see eye-to-eye with the financial guru. I loved this post because the author took a very different perspective on debt as a Christian and highlighted some of the ways she thinks Ramsey may have missed the boat.

Making it Home by Shannan Martin Writes
Do you ever have those bloggers that you don't regularly read and just kind of appeared in your blog feed one day? This is Shannan Martin for me. On a whim, I broke away from my usual rotation of bloggers to read this and I'm so glad I did. I don't want to spoil it because I think it's important that everyone reads it with an open mind and no judgments going into it. Just trust me, it's good.

There were a few others that I could have included but chose not to this time. But trust me, they're all-time favorites and they'll definitely get their turn in the spotlight next time around. Who are some of your favorites right now? Please share!

Catch up on some of my past favorites:

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