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I was just looking over my blog stats yesterday and was more than a little disappointed to see that they had returned to their pre-"Project Grow My Blog" levels. That's not really a thing, but I have been actively trying to grow and expand this blog. Unfortunately, the last few weeks have not been conducive to posting consistent content, and so this poor thing has lay sadly neglected.

Over Memorial Day weekend, we spent a few days visiting with my family in Upstate New York. I had every intention of recapping our visit, but obviously that won't be happening any time soon. Upon our return, life happened. I've been putting in probably 20-30 hours a week between all of my side hustles and it caught up with me! I won't even attempt to complain, because my worst, busiest, most stressful day being home with my babies beats working full-time away from them. It has been challenging trying to pull of the work-at-home Mom balancing act, but I'm so grateful that I have the opportunities that I do.

So, with that brief little catch-up aside, I thought I would shed some light on some bloggers who have been killing it in the last month. If I can't find the time nor energy to post quality content, the least I can do is redirect you to some bloggers who are!

4 Bloggers I Loved Last Month

5 Ways Being a Mom Has Surprised Me by the girl who loved to write

If this provides any kind of indication how how this post resonated with me, this was my exact comment on Chelsea's post:
"OH MY GOSH! Get out of my brain!!! Yes to all of this. 
I remember around six weeks after my first was born, a friend asked me how the adjustment to motherhood was and I told her it was easier than I thought it would be. I really did make it out to be something so much scarier than it was. I had prepared for the sleep deprivation and exhaustion, but there was no way for me to prepare for how little that stuff would bother me because I loved my little guy SO much and loved being his Mommy. 
Also, THANK YOU for saying your one-year old is your friend. It sounds so stupid to say out loud, but my Charlie really does feel like my best friend. He's so funny and sweet. I just genuinely love being around him. 
I think my other biggest surprise was that I'm actually a really good Mom. I've never been maternal or even remotely comfortable around other people's kids, so I just assumed motherhood wouldn't come naturally to me. UM NO. I rock the shit out of motherhood. Haha. I love my kids to death and while I have plenty of moments of doubt, when my babysitter told me the other day that Charlie was the most polite kid she'd ever met, I was just like "YES! I'm doing it!
Everything You've Been Told about Marriage is a Lie by Mich Mash

All the horrible pieces of advice that people give you about marriage? Yup, Michelle nailed every one.

Avonlea's Nursery Tour by Hope Engaged

Everything about Katie's sweet, girl nursery is perfection. Unsurprisingly, because she has gorgeous taste.

A Writing Home by Ashlee Gadd

Everything that Ashlee says about her heart for blogging and writing, the ebbs and flows of her online presence, and how blogging has morphed over the years is spot on. For lack of a better world, I've been feeling a little melancholy about my blog lately. I want to grow my following, but it seems that the topics people gravitate to are things I have no interest in writing about. I don't like writing generally, I like writing specifically about my life. I'm going off on a tangent, but basically, Ashlee speaks to these same feelings so perfectly.

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I need recs! Which bloggers have you been loving on lately?

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