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The month of April was both busy and full of fun. Both Chuck and I celebrated our birthdays, I started a new (old) job, and this little blog hit a big milestone- the most pageviews in its history! All in all, not a bad month. It also wasn't a bad month for some of my favorite fellow bloggers. Here are some of the posts I've been loving on in the last month:

My Saddest Good Friday in Memory: When Treasured Things are Dead by Jen Hatmaker
If you aren't familiar with who Jen Hatmaker is or what happened to her, here is the abridged version: Jen Hatmaker is an amazing evangelical Christian leader who has authored several uplifting and encouraging books about living an authentic Christian life. She has (had) quite a following until last year when in an interview, she admitted that she would love and support someone's same-sex marriage. The blowback was insane and this post was the first she wrote since the incident. Be prepared- it will break your heart.

Finding Life after Loss by Our Little Apartment
Oof. I honestly don't know what to say about this post. Ashley has suffered losses that most of us will never know. The fact that she is so beautifully authentic about grieving and moving forward after such heartbreak is just amazing.

So Many Shirts by Riedys Breaking Rules
Chelsea and Nate are friends of mine from college. Chelsea and I cheered together my freshman year of college and Nate and I shared several classes together (and even slept on the sidewalk of the U.S. Supreme Court!) since we are both Poli Sci nerds. Recently, they started a blog to chronicle some major life-changing, rule-breaking changes they're making in their life. They're chronicling the journey and I loved this post about reducing their clothes-buying habit.

Why We Chose (and Like!) Traditional Daycare by The Lady Okie
Amanda is right- there aren't many working Moms in blog land and there certainly aren't many talking specifically about working Mom struggles. I've never experienced having my kids' in a traditional daycare setting, and if I'm being honest, the thought has always kind of unnerved me. I love Amanda's perspective and the fact that daycare has been such a good choice for her family.

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What posts have you been loving on lately?

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