On Pretty Things and New Directions

Something looks different around here...
Any ideas?

How about the fact that I have a beautiful new blog design?! My blog has been in dire need of a refresh, but when both my Mom and sister hounded me about the fact that there was literally no mention of my 7-month old son on my home page, I decided it was probably time. Serena at Pretty Wild Things totally delivered on my vision (and handled my 63 follow-up questions like a champ).

I am so in love with my new look- it is so representative of who I am and the things I love. It's also helped me to tangibly reorganize and hone in on the categories I want to focus on from here on out. Much of my writing will remain the same- I'm obviously not going to stop talking about my sweet, ginger babies any time soon. I'll also be a bookworm 'til I die, so book reviews aren't going anywhere.

However, as I've been thinking about my blogging "niche," how I want to grow, and what I have to offer someone who is new to this space- I've decided there are a few areas in which I'd like to branch out. Firstly, I'd like to start focusing more on home decor and design. I've really grown to love making our house a home and I know that it's totally possible to do on a budget, so I'd like to begin documenting how I'm transforming our first home.

The second big change is a focus on all things Ohio. For those who may not know, I'm originally from a small town outside Syracuse, NY. I then lived in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, PA for college and grad school, respectively before moving to my husband's Ohio hometown permanently in 2013. I've lived here for about four years now, and I'm only just starting to make it my home. For the first time, Ohio doesn't feel like my husband's home, it feels like my home. Contributing to Dayton Moms Blog and getting more involved in my local community has definitely helped. I'd like for my blog to start being more of a reflection of all the fun things Ohio has to offer and all the things I've grown to love about my Midwestern home.

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