How Motherhood has Changed my Style

I wouldn't describe myself as a stylish person. Perhaps it's because my Mom went to school for fashion design and I always felt like fashion came so much easier to her. Perhaps it's because although I have my own style, I've never been big into trends. If I had to peg myself down, I'm truly a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl with some boho thrown in for good measure. I've always gravitated toward clothing that highlighted the things I like about myself (my legs) and hid the parts I don't (my tummy).

Having your body change so drastically in such a rapid period of time during pregnancy starts to make you feel a little bit like a stranger in your own body. Despite the fact that I'm pretty healthy and weigh less now than I have in years, I'm still trying to get used to the skin I'm in after having two babies in less than three years.

As a Mom, my style has changed to accommodate my lifestyle. Firstly, although I've never been a stilettos kind of girl, I did enjoy a good pair of pumps for a date night or ladies' night out. Now, my cute, black heels are collecting dust. When you're hauling babies to and fro, flats are a nonnegotiable.

Secondly, I used to wear a lot more sundresses. I still have a few that I love and will probably break out of my closet in the coming weeks. However, I'm fairly certain I've flashed more people than I care to admit when a gust of wind came along while I was putting one of my boys in their car seat. Sundresses are pretty much limited to child-free occasions these days.

Third, easy access. Any kind of blouse or shirt I wear needs to provide easy access to the ladies. Crosby is still breastfed, so v-necks are my go-to. I just find a quiet place to sit and yank it down when he starts to fuss.

Fourth, pockets. Although Charlie is perfectly capable of walking on his own. He is still just a little guy and loves to be held by his Mom and Dad. It's not at all unusual to see me walking into Kroger on a Friday afternoon with a baby carrier hanging off my right arm and a toddler perched on my left hip. Which means I have no more hands for carrying my phone, keys, wallet, etc. POCKETS. Give me all the pockets.

Recently, I had the opportunity to shop for a new dress at eShakti.com. The awesome thing about eShakti is that all of their clothing can be customized to your size and personal style. When I found the dress I liked, I changed the neckline to be a deeper scoop (and therefore, more nursing-friendly) and lengthened the sleeves to make it more suitable for colder weather. (Ohio weather is completely unpredictable).  I also could have changed the length, but I chose to keep it as it was.

It took a couple weeks for my dress to be sewn and then it shipped from India in three days. Three days! I'm so in love with this dress and how motherhood-friendly it is. It's a heavier fabric so there's no chance of any wind-related wardrobe malfunctions and even has pockets for those moments when my hands are full of babies. This wasn't my first experience with eShakti, but it had been a few years since I last checked out their site. I was completely blown away by their inventory! There is so much to choose from and something for everyone, regardless of your personal style. (Check them out on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter!)

If you're looking for clothing that fits YOU, check them out and use discount code "BeeautifulBlessings" to save 10% on your purchase. Discount is valid until May 9, 2017!

Disclosure: I received this product from eShakti.com in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. this dress is super cute on you! i have a few things from eShakti and i love that you can customise the items.