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I drafted this post about a month ago and for whatever reason, neglected to publish it. However, I love the posts mentioned so I feel it's still worth posting. With a few more recent ones tagged on the end for good measure.

but I am just a mom by Just Enough Brave

As a SAHM, sometimes my confidence in myself and my value as a member of society feels diminished by my seemingly inglorious day job. I love that Katie not only gets this feeling, but goes a step forward to drive home the fact that as Moms, we are the movers and shakers of the world!

On Being a Christian and Being a Feminist...and Belonging Nowhere by Sarah Bessey

The ugliness and the discord that the 2016 election stirred up was a huge motivating factor for me in returning to the Church. I wanted to surround myself by believers who sought peace, healing, and reconciliation for the world. Fortunately, I have found a Church community that also believes in the equality of all people and so I haven't had as difficult time reconciling how to be a Christian and a feminist as I know many people have. Sarah's post speaks to this dynamic beautifully.

Parental Leave: Be Your Own Advocate by Dayton Moms Blog

This post is chock full of practical information for informing your self regarding existing parental leave laws and how you can become an advocate for an improved parental leave system in this country!

The Yellow Crib by Hippie at Heart

Candace talks pregnancy with a third baby, and how her husband's impending deployment has her feeling uncertain and apprehensive about her family's future.

12 Months of Meals: A Practice in Generosity by The Lady Okie

I love, love, loved this post by Amanda at The Lady Okie and committed to replicating her practice of giving monthly meals to those in need in 2017.

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