New Year, New Me: A Reintroduction

In talking about my 2017 goals I mentioned that I don't believe in New Years' resolutions, but I get why people like the idea of a clean slate. I've gained a handful of new followers over the last few weeks and have obviously gone through some pretty big life changes, so I thought I would do a "reintroduction" post of sorts. I always enjoy reading these kinds of posts when other bloggers share them, so why not?!

  • My name is Kaity. Middle name, Best. When I got married, I had some reservations about changing my name, so I dropped my middle name and took my maiden name as my middle name. The weird part is that the federal government allowed the change, but my state did not. So my license now reads all four names. People at the checkout counter get so confused when I present my ID.
  • I'm 28 years old, going on 29 in just a few months. I'm not afraid of aging or turning 30, but I must admit 30 feels so old. When I was younger, I just assumed I would be a full-fledged adult and have my shit figured out by 30, which is so not the case.
  • For the last three years, I worked at a food bank. My position was in charge of coordinating all of the food bank's produce programs for a 20-county area. This may not sound that impressive, but our food bank distributed approximately 36 million pounds of produce annually. So yeah, I was busy and I loved it.
  • Despite the fact that I adored my job, I left at the end of November to become a full-time Mom. The change has been unnerving at times, but for reasons that I won't go into right now I know it's the best one for our family. 
  • Which reminds me- I haven't yet mentioned my babies! I'm the proud boy mom to Charlie who turned two the day after Christmas and Crosby who was born on Labor Day of this year. Apparently, I like those holiday babies! I've never been a "kid person," so it's surprised me how well I've taken to motherhood. My boys are truly the loves of my life.
  • Their Dad is pretty cool, too. Chuck and I got married on September 2, 2012 at our friend's farm in a beautiful rainbow-themed wedding. He works in sales and in his spare time he loves watching movies, playing disc golf, and occasionally performing live with his brothers on the drums. He has an amazing work ethic, is the most loyal person I've ever met and a recent Hogwarts house hybrid quiz determined that he's a Huffledor (Hufflepuff/Gryffindor) which couldn't describe his personality any better.
  • In my spare time I'm reading or...yeah, that's pretty much it. I'm a huge bookworm and only live 2 blocks away from our library so the boys and I visit at least once per week. I try to be active which generally amounts to a lot of walking around our little town. I used to run once upon a time and hope to eventually train for a half marathon.
  • Some fun facts about me: I studied abroad in Uganda my junior year of college and got to bungee jump over the Nile River which is pretty much my most badass claim to fame. I once slept on the sidewalk of the U.S. Supreme Court to get in to hear the oral argument for Christian Legal Society v. Martinez. I was a vegetarian for five years, before I got lazy and didn't feel like cooking separate meals for my husband.

That about sums up life around these parts. Next time, I do this, I'm going to have to make myself sound more interesting. Ha!

> > >

So, welcome newbies and welcome back to those of you who've managed to stick around. Say hello and tell me a fun fact about yourself! 

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