Tips and Tricks for Creating a Baby Registry

If you haven't already figured it out by now, I know nothing about babies. Seriously, it's alarming. I legitimately thought babies didn't have to be bathed until their sweat glands developed and that you could just wipe them down with a baby wipe. I also had to ask my friend recently whether babies could sleep with hats on to keep their heads warm. Turns out, they shouldn't. Who knew?

Needless to say, the idea of creating a baby registry was a bit overwhelming for this baby dummy. Fortunately, what I lack in maternal instinct, I make up for in intellect. Rather, I research like a fiend. These are some of the best tools I found for creating a bomb dot com baby registry:

This registry website is a Godsend if you are having trouble deciding where to register. This online registry allows you to add items to your registry from anywhere on the web. Not only that, but for items that are sold at multiple retailers, BabyList will show the prices at all applicable stores so you can compare and get the best deal. Many of the items that I added from Target actually wound up being cheaper at Amazon and Walmart.

You can also add items from smaller websites and stores that may not offer a registry option. So if you have a small, local baby boutique that you frequent, your friends and family can shop there, as well! Plus, for your non-tech savvy loved ones, BabyList offers free registry insert cards for your shower invites. They also offer you the option to see who got you what items which made writing "thank you" cards much simpler for me!

I can't say enough good things about BabyList- creating a registry on their site was so easy and their mobile app made registering 10x easier when I saw something in-store that I wanted to add before I forgot. (Go here to check out our list!)

This is, BY FAR, my favorite pregnancy blog ever. Amy offers a monthly newsletter with great articles for preggos and new mamas, as well as a hilarious and non-traditional pregnancy calendar that tells you when your baby is the size of a gummy bear, cupcake and when your baby slightly resembles a shark. So many baby-centric websites are cliche and boring, but Pregnant Chicken never fails to make my big preggo butt laugh.

Calendar and newsletter aside, she frequently posts great baby/maternity deals from all over the internet and posts fantastic posts about stuff that baby dummies like me should probably know about including a New Dad Survival Guide, Hospital Bag: What to Pack, and What You Need to Know about Newborns.

Every first-time mom needs to visit this site. Created by a mom as a survival guide for new moms, this site was my go-to whenever I couldn't figure out what car seat I should buy or what bottles were the best for breastfeeding moms. Broken down by category, Lucie's List Registry Basics gives a rundown of why you need a particular item, the highest recommended/rated items and then breaks them down by price so you can find the best option for your budget. AMAZING.

There are so many options for new moms to sort through that it can be completely overwhelming. Fortunately, because of Lucie's List, I found a convertible car seat that met all of our criteria, a baby carrier that both Chuck and I could wear, as well as an awesome bouncer/swing hybrid that I think Baby Pep is going to love!

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What tips and tricks did you use for creating a baby registry?

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  1. Babylist was a GREAT find. Don't worry, I came into motherhood knowing nothing about babies either, and I think I'm doing just fine lol. Google is our friend.