Christmas List: Entertainment

Last week, I shared my Christmas List. The visual representation of all the beautiful clothing items, I will likely never wear, but will continue to fuel my frugal fashionista imagination. 

Today, is all about entertainment.

1. The Lumineers
One of my new favorite bands!

2. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
I'm constantly looking for new books to devour and I've gotten so many good recommendations for this one.

3. Season 9 of FRIENDS
Being as much of a FRIENDS addict as I am, you'd think I'd own the entire season!

4. A Colbert Christmas
I recently saw this on Target.com and decided that I absolutely had to have it.

5. Bloom by Kelle Hampton
If you haven't read Kelle's blog before, read it here
She's a brilliant writer and I'm so looking forward to reading her book.

6. Fleetwood Mac: Greatest Hits
I only recently decided that I really like Fleetwood Mac and I'd love to jam out to their tunes during my morning commute!

7. Of Monsters and Men
Another awesome new band that I've become completely obsessed with.

8. Season 10 of FRIENDS
This would complete my collection, and maybe, finally put my incessant FRIENDS references to rest. 
Ha! Not likely.

What are you hoping to find under the tree? 
Any good music or book recommendations for me?


  1. Oooh, Redeeming Love! Parts of that book irritate me, but never enough to stop me from re-reading it obsessively!

  2. Redeeming Love is AMAZING...seriously, so good. I think i've read it at least 5 times, and will read it probably 20 more times.
    Also, friends...greatest TV show ever.

  3. Redeeming Love is my absolute, hands down favorite book. I've read it countless times and each time I love it more.

    It's a must read :)

  4. Redeeming Love is an amazing book!

    I would love to see a new camera under the tree but that's probably not going to happen this year. :)

  5. LOVE your list. Francine Rivers is one of my favorite authors. Amazing. And Friends? Can never have enough!

  6. I have still never seen the final episode of friends! They have reruns during the day and I missed the last episode again!

  7. Great list! I started watching friends with my old roommate before I got married and never got past season 2! I would love to own the collection because the first two seasons were super funny (;

    Dearest Lou

  8. i'm a new follower, and my opinion of you just went up times 1 million after seeing friends is on this list. ;) feel free to stop by my blog and say hello!!
    xoxo, lauren