The Newlywed Fifteen

I didn't know the "Newlywed 15" was an actual thing until I recently read an article about it. Similar, to the Freshman 15, apparently it's the phenomenom where a recently married woman starts packing on the pounds. Well, I'm here to tell you folks, I have been well on my way to gaining the Newlywed 15. Ugh.

It started on the honeymoon- I mean, hello, all-inclusive. Then when we got back to our new home, and carried on with our new lives, we just kind of fell into a rut. Work all day, come home, eat dinner, cuddle and watch TV until bedtime. I only see my husband for a couple hours every day so I wanted to soak them all up. As it turns out, this was a recipe for a flabby tummy and just general out-of-shape-ness.

Fortunately, through my employer's health insurance I'm able to get a gym membership for $25/month. I signed myself up about a month ago and yesterday I made my first trip to the fitness center down the road from my office.

I'd been putting it off for so long because I was just plain dreading finding out how out of shape I'd become. I mean, I'm not exactly athletic, but there was a time when I could run 8 or so miles a night. So, I hopped on the treadmill, walked for a mile and decided to give the running thing a shot. I would have been content with running a mile and feeling okay, but when I ran two and could have kept going- I was ecstatic!

My "Before" picture taken right before I hopped on the treadmill!

I'm so thankful that God has blessed me with an able body and I want to make sure I never take that for granted. I'm also lucky to still have my youth so that when I go such a prolonged period of non-exercise, I can bounce back pretty quickly.

Anyway, I just needed to share my efforts so that I can hold myself accountable and continue this endeavor to be a fit and fabulous wifey!


  1. Girrrrl. Please. You're bod is rockin'! :)
    But I totally hear you. Constantly cooking and eating around a boy with a phenomenal metabolism is HARD. :)

  2. I def gained it. I need this frump to be gone stat!

  3. Girl....can we fight this newlywed 15 together?? Because I'm in the SAME BOAT! How are we gonna fix it??

  4. If my newlywed 15 looked like yours I'd be PUMPED! Haha The sad part is I'm not even a newlywed anymore and I'm still carrying it around. Boooo

  5. this absolutely happened to me! in my opinion I think you look great but you gotta do what makes you happy!!

  6. Yes...the weight gain, I'm right there with you. I hired a personal trainer through uni (a lot cheaper thank goodness) and we recently also bough a family subscription to our local health&fitness centre. I'm hoping tomorrow will be my first cardio (in a loooooong time.)

    Good luck with your workouts!

  7. I think I'm getting motivated just reading this! All I could think of when I read this was how tiny you looked when you were here last weekend. BUT...you are wise to catch it now!! I love you, KBS!

  8. I totally hear you!! Not to mention cooking for two and having lots of quality time together. I say enjoy it now! That's what winter is for...hunkering down, eating comfort food, and cuddling by the fire!! ;) Of course, this is coming from the girl that has the 10-15 from baby!

  9. I think I may have gained a newlywed 15 too, mostly because we lived near a Wawa, which made brownies and mozzarella sticks way too accessible lol. Good luck shaping up!