Thursday Thoughts: Falling for Fall

I drove home from work yesterday (I have an hour commute so a LOT of time to think and daydream) and smiled like a giddy four-year old girl while the autumn leaves swirled around my car. I started thinking about the simplicity of fall leaves. Something so organic and real, that has the capacity to fill even the most cynical person with happiness.

I still have memories of my Mom raking up the leaves into a huge pile of golden splendor. We would invite over the neighbor girl who was just a year my senior and the three of us (my baby sister included) would spend much of the afternoon jumping, leaping and diving into the manifestation of fall magic. Something about that pile of crisp, crunchy leaves reminds me of the beauty of God's creation and fills me with that same child-like joy.

As children are exposed more and more to technology, it's become a sad epidemic in this country, that they will never know the same joys of spending the afternoon outside in sweaty, dirty enthusiasm. But I can guarantee there is no video game, no social media platform and no iPad app that comes close to comparing that feeling of hopping feet first into a pile of infinite possibilities.

Happy Fall everyone! Let's all take a moment this week to take a nostalgic romp in the leaves :)

One of my favorite fall activities: Apple picking!
Circa 2009


  1. Ugh, fall! I wish it felt like autumn here in Texas but alas, it still feels muggy and humid and gross. Soon, though, soon.

    Happy fall full of "infinite possibilities," Kaity!

  2. It's not quite fall yet, here, but it's getting close! I can't wait!!

  3. Jealous. I live in Florida so leaves change from green to dead. My best friend is in Ann Arbor, MI and I have to see constant images of what Autumn is supposed to look like. Enjoy!

  4. I was running over to my grandma's for something today and my aunt and uncle hadn't raked their leaves yet so I got to do a few little kid jumps in them & I squealed like I was 5 again! It's definitely the little things in life!