Guest Post: My Hubby

Well, the day has finally come. As of 6:30 PM tonight you can officially refer to me as "Mrs. Stuckert." To commemorate this wonderful occasion I asked my hubby-to-be if he would mind guest posting. He wrote this three weeks ago while he was in Seattle on a work-related trip and when he sent it to me, I was blown away. Not only is he a beautiful writer, but his words left me speechless. So without further ado, my hubby's love letter...


Well alright. Here I am, on my wifey's blog. Now I must forewarn the gracious followers that I am not exactly as talented a writer as my beautiful bride-to-be, but because of the confidence she brings out in me, and the fact that I'm crazy in love with her, I guess I'm willing to make an exception. 

So where do I even begin anyway? How about we start at the part where a gorgeous and courageous woman came into my life. That's a great spot indeed. Now I'm sure you all kind of already know the story, seeing as how this blog has portrayed our lives together thus far. But you guys have only seen Kaity's side.   

A couple of years ago, I was merely a young guy on the road just starting out in the world of sales. I was proud of myself. It was the first real opportunity I had to do something on my own, and I was really excited. Traveling all over the country making the big bucks, saving up for a new car, meeting some new friends...and maybe umm...some..girls too, you know, all that jazz. Well, I met some girls alright! Or should I just say, a girl. 

It was Winter 2010 when I came home for Christmas vacation, and for the Annual SonJane Fest, a birthday bash that my group of friends/siblings (yes, my siblings are my friends too) throw every year for our dear friends Sonja and Jane. As you all may know, Kaity was in AmeriCorps. My friend Sonja was too, and just so happened to be a close acquaintance with a really cute girl whom she invited to SonJane Fest 2K10. 

The birthday girls at SonJane Fest 2K10...to whom we are forever indebted.

Well long story short, it was love at first sight. I mean literally the kind you see in a movie where it's like "Hi, I'm Chuck.", and she's like "Hi, I'm Kaity.", and we have that 30 second period where we just stare into each others eyes kind of awkwardly but romantically at the same time until we get interrupted by someone bumping into us. Haha, I kid I kid. I mean, it was a pretty fun night getting to know one another. We had so much fun together. By the end of the night, we were partied out. So we decided to try and impress each other by jogging home. Amiss the jogging extravaganza one of my buddies pulled up next to us in his mini van. We didn't exactly hesitate to turn his offer down. I know I was pooped anyway. After we were dropped off, I walked Kaity to the bottom of her steps. Before leaving, I asked her if I could have a good night kiss, and sparks flew.

Taken about a month after we met.

So at this point, I'm sure you all kind of have a sense of how the story went from this very blog. My main goal, aside from giving an introduction from my perspective, was to express the love and compassion for this beautiful woman of God. 

Our trip to Nashville at three months.

Kaity has brought so much joy to my life. The love I have for her is ultimately indescribable, and therefore can only be confirmed through the typical expressions of love that one has towards another. I mean what do you think cliche's are for anyway?  

All jokes aside, Kaity has made me a better man. When I'm around her, I feel motivated about life. She makes me want to accomplish the millions of different things I'm interested in (believe me, it's a huge list). She has a zest for life. She's always wanting to try new things. She loves music as much as I do, from one end of the spectrum to the other. She wants to travel a lot, which is awesome because who doesn't want to explore as much of this beautiful planet as possible?. She brings comfort through  her smiles, her laughs, her humor, her hugs, her kisses, her cuteness, her intelligence, her goofiness, among so many other things. Her kindness towards other people is one of my favorites too. The fact that she is always giving society and humanity the benefit of the doubt no matter the situation. 

One of the biggest things I love about her, is the fact that I can literally be myself 100%. What better feeling to have when you've met the love of your life and you know for a fact that the person you're marrying, dedicating the rest of your life to, loves every single thing about you. It is the most enduring and amazing feeling in the entire world. I wouldn't change it for ANYTHING. 

And that's all I have to say about the most amazing woman ever.  

Now, of course, I must add some awesome music to this awesome blog ;)

You are my life, my family, my home, my Bee, my love.



*Insert crocodile tears and quivering lip here*


  1. AAAAWWWWWW! That was the sweetest thing EVER!

  2. This is probably the sweetest thing ever! I've known Kaity for twelve years, having been best friends with her for eight of those years. I can honestly say I've never seen her happier than she is when she's with you Chuck! I haven't had the privileged of spending a ton of time with you guys and getting to know you as well as I hope to over the many years of friendship ahead, but over the last few days everyone around you guys couldn't help but see how much you love her and how much she loves you! (Especially at 6:30am after having slept for one hour after having been drunk basically for days driving to the airport, and your number one concern is that your new wife is comfy as she can be while she gets carsick...haha, good memories!) I knew from the beginning that you must be such a special person purely because Kaity was even considering marriage and the more I see you two together the more my suspicion has been confirmed. There isn't a more perfect guy out there for my precious Kaitybee and I've never seen a couple better fit for each other (...except maybe Jon and me ;)) I hope you guys are having an absolute BLAST in Jamaica and I know you will have a ridiculously happy life together! Love you both!

  3. Well said, my son! I KNEW you were a writer too, Chuck! You are blessed indeed and you chose the perfect words to describe your (our) Kaity The Best! Kaity The Best Stuckert, that is!

  4. This is the most precious thing I have ever read. Kaity, this is Sliver.. I have been missing from the blogger world for quite some time. Your blog was the first one I clicked on when I came back :) Congratulations on your new marriage! I hope you two had a wonderful and memorable day!!! I have to agree with you though! I'm soooo ready to be down wedding planning and I'm sure my skin will be too :/

    haha, anyways this is my new blog and I would love it if we can continue our bloggy friendship! quick update: We have about 2 1/2 months to go before we're Mr & Mrs!!

    Happy marriage and best wishes to you both!

  5. Aww!! So sweet!! I am so happy for you two!! And Kaity seems the happiest I've ever seen her be since Chuck has become part of her life and that is awesome!! :)