A Letter to God

As my second assignment in Compassion International's Blog Month, I have been asked to write a letter to God concerning child sponsorship. I continued to put it off because I didn't know what to write. And I didn't want what I did write to be disingenuous and unauthentic because I knew it would be posted on my blog. Looking at other bloggers' letters only served to confuse me more. So I scrapped my plan and decided to just look at my sponsor child, to re-read all I knew about him and go from there.

This was my resulting letter:

Dear God,

Prompted today by Compassion’s assignment to write a letter to You about child sponsorship, I decided to look back on my sponsorship welcome kit I received over a month ago for our sponsor child, Steven. Truth be told, with a recent move, wedding and honeymoon, little Steven hasn’t exactly been on my mind. But he should be.

Steven is 7 years old and has 1 brother and 2 sisters and likes to play ball games. He shares my birthday and lives in Uganda. He is a gift and I have treated him as nothing more than an afterthought.

God, I pray that you would forgive my selfish and ugly heart. I pray that you would continue to remind me of the truth of my marriage so that I will not be distracted with the frivolity of my wedding. I pray that you would give me 20/20 vision when I look at the world. That I would be able to see the beauty and the miraculousness of it all, but that I would be convicted and called to act when I see the ugliness and brokenness.  

God, most of all I pray that you would always keep Steven on my heart and mind. I cannot save all the impoverished children in Uganda, but I can help Steven. I can be there for him and his family. To help them to secure clean food and water and medical supplies when they are sick. To let them know there is someone across the world who cares about them and is invested in their wellbeing. And most importantly, to shower them with the love and grace of You, through me.


If you'd like to know more about child sponsorship through Compassion International, please click HERE.


  1. Hi Kaity!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love that you are participating as a Compassion blogger.

    I read you letter to God and I can relate to you completely. Although we do pray for our 3 Compassion kids every night, I sometimes 'forget' about them. I don't think about them as often as I should, and I certainly don't write them as often as I could. I can do better! Thanks for the inspiration. :)


  2. So glad that you are partnering, Our child protection laws mean that the child sponsorship model isn’t used, so it looks a little different. so as they continue to grow up together.