Wedding Wednesday

Well, the day has come. My last blog post as a single lady!

There has definitely been some drama and some stress this week, but I've been praying for God to bless me with peace and help me to remember what this weekend is all about and as always, He has come through.

This weather report has everyone a little on edge, but after wracking our brains to establish a Plan B and wondering if a last-minute switch in venue was necessary, I stood my ground and decided rain or shine, I'm marrying my best friend...and I'm marrying him in the outdoor ceremony I had planned.

I'm excited to see all my best friends whom I haven't seen in over a year. I'm excited to get prettty-fied and rock my Bachelorette pin-up attire, and my beautiful, bohemian wedding dress. I'm excited to board that plane and spend a week of fun and relaxation in Jamaica with my husband. But I admit, I'm also a little excited to be done with wedding planning!

So stay tuned for some very special guest posts (trust me, you won't want to miss these!) and I'll see you all in two-ish weeks!


  1. SO exciting! Have the best time. Take it all in. It really flies by!

    Jamaica is amazing. We went there for our HM as well and we absolutely loved it!

  2. Hope you have the best time of your life! Can't wait to see and read all about it :)
    I nominated you for the Liebster award. When you get back from all the wedding festivities and HM, check it out:

  3. Congratulations, it's almost here! And don't fret about the weather. I was consumed with checking the weather all the time leading up to the big day, and we almost went to Plan B, and ended up going with Plan A which was the ceremony and cocktail hour outside. It was cloudy, but it didn't rain until later on which was perfect. It actually made for nicer pictures since it was cloudy instead of sunny.

    Can't wait to see pics of the wedding and honeymoon, enjoy every second of it gurlie!

  4. So exciting! Best wishes for the day of your dreams. Enjoy every moments and I hope you have a great time in Jamaica!