Single Digits

Oh. My. Goodness.

Life has been crazy this past week. I've been wanting to update my blog with pictures of our move last weekend, my thoughts on wedding jitters, a post about the wonderful date my hubby-to-be took me on Tuesday night. But y'all (yeah, I just used "y'all")- I have been so TIRED. Hubby got me sick last week and it kicked the crap out of me. So here is a blurb on my past week...

[Pictures to come as soon as I find my camera cord!]

Our [new] home is a complete and utter train wreck, but we did it! With the help of Chuck's mom and brother, on Saturday we said good-bye to our first Pittsburgh home and settled into what will be our newlywed pad.

The groomsmen will not be donning their birthday suits.

As exciting as a nudist wedding might be, I am much more comfortable now that I know my groom and all his finest gents will be appropriately suited up on our big day. Speaking of which...we also ordered Chuck's wedding band! I'm having it sent to his Mom's house in Ohio so there's no chance of us missing it if it arrives later than planned!

I'm going to be groomed!

I have an appointment on Saturday to get my hair cut and colored, an appointment Sunday to get waxed and an appointment on Wednesday to get my mani/pedi. The world better watch out because I'm going to be one fierce and sassy bride-to-be! (Either that or I'll be horribly traumatized from my first waxing experience. So nervous!)

Lastly, as we sat watching some old school HIMYM re-runs, I was distracted by the soft snores of one handsome husband-to-be. As I gazed over to reveal the source of the aforementioned sweet, slumbering breaths, this is what my eyes fell upon...

Yes, my darling fiance legitimately fell asleep like this.
No, he was not aided by  the conveniently placed empty beer bottle in his midst.

I can't wait to marry his goofy ass in...

...wait for it...



  1. I can't believe he fell asleep like that! Congrat on the successful move, the groomsman attire and 9 DAYS! I can't wait to see pics! Have a great weekend and stop by @AllRoadsLeadtoHomeLove.blogspot.com

  2. Nine days! Yay!

    And really? How did he not fall off the couch?

  3. I soo want to hear how the waxing went. I was determined to go all Brazillian before my honeymoon and wusses out after watching a few too many YouTube videos of girls screaming in pain. Hahaha