What I'm Loving Wednesday v8

Happy July Fourth, everyone! 

On the anniversary of our nation's independence, here is what I'm loving...


The first two days of work went well. Great co-workers, invaluable job experience...and did I mention? I'm actually doing something that I'm interested in and passionate about?! What a blessing!

Bridal Shower

Holy moly! I've been so busy concentrating on the new job that I just remembered my bridal shower is in 4 days! My Mom has been busy planning games, decorations and her cute little outfit. My main priority is to show up and look pretty! Can't wait!

Trial Hair Appointment

I also managed to forget that my appointment for my wedding hair trial is Saturday morning. I've narrowed down the style I want, but the jury is still out on whether I'll incorporate any headband, ribbon, headpiece,etc. Only time will tell!

I do love me some T. Swift!

Wedding Accessories

These are my recently purchased selections that will be with me as I walk down the aisle.


Baby Fever

Yep, I've got it! All my favorite bloggers are preggo and beautiful. One of my friends gave birth to her second, a son, yesterday and I just found the most adorable boho mama blog that I spent all last night stalking. Her name's Jess- seriously, go check her out! I'm obsessed!


  1. Love that hairstyle, very cute.

  2. I love Taylor Swift's hairstyles. Makes me wish I had curly hair!

  3. love the crocheted toms. so cute!

    hope you had a great 4th!

  4. First I LOVE anything Taylor swift, especially her hair! Did you know that she actually has her own line of cards at Target :-) they are super cute!

    Also I wish I went with Toms for my wedding shoes! Not only are they cute and I love the whole history behind toms but they are comfortable. Since my husband is tall I wanted to make sure he didn't have to bend down to kiss me. So I wore stilettos...yes stilettos! After the wedding we had to get all our pictures taken and I made the mistake of taking my shoes off before the photos. well my feet were so swollen up from standing so long that I didn't want to put them back on ;-)

    and I LOVE the earrings :-)