Operation Bridal Mode

I am a lover of perpetual change. 

Why else would my longest time at any one job be one year? 
Or why did I decide to move to the city, go to grad school and get engaged within a month? 
Or why did I begin a new job and plan to move yet again within two months of getting married?! 

Variety is the spice of life. 
And I, my friends, am anything but bland. 

I think I have this underlying fear of complacency and monotony. 
And I think it's why I've always been so terrified by the thought of marriage. 
ONE person for the rest of my life? 
Putting down roots? 
Being ordinary? 

But that's a whole other can of worms. 

The moral of this story is I have officially gone into Operation Bridal Mode 
And will likely be stressed to the max for the next few weeks. 
But I've made my peace with it. 
I think there's a weird part of me that functions really well under pressure. 
I always waited until the last possible minute in college to start writing my papers
...and you know what? 

I rocked them all. 

Without stress, I think I'd be really bored. 
Needless to say, there is quite a bit separating me from boredom until September 2nd!


♥ Finding and buying the groom and groomsmen's attire ♥ 

♥ Buying our wedding rings ♥ 

♥ Finishing my flower girls' tutus ♥

♥ Making final payments to our photographer and Pastor ♥ 

♥ Getting Chuck's passport and our marriage license ♥

But with all that is left to do, 
I've also managed to get lots accomplished the past couple days, 

♥ Making my Daddy's hotel reservation ♥ 

♥ Sending out my bridal shower Thank You cards ♥

♥ Picking out a cupcake stand with my Mommy ♥ 

♥ Picking out the fabric to cover up our ceremony straw bales ♥ 

♥ Buying everything for my bridesmaid's gifts ♥

♥ Buying my wedding earrings ♥

In 47 days
I'm going to be united in holy matrimony with my best friend and the sweetest boy you ever did know. 
Life is good. 
Bring it on wedding gods. 

I got this.


  1. haha. I always get stressed and then getting uber productive. I see it as a positive 'light fire under my ass' but others don't always agree! have fun, I know you will!

  2. Hi there! Just came across your blog and I am so glad I did! I am also in full on wedding plan mode, and I think we are getting married just a couple days a part. I'm getting married on August 31st and it is coming like a freight train! You can do it... we can do it! I am happy to be your newest follower :)

  3. 47 days? Woo hoo! I am so so excited for you. And try not to stress too much... enjoy the preparation! It will be over before you know it! YOU GOT THIS ;)

    And I seriously think you're so brave. I definitely don't like to change things up too drastically. I like to stay in my comfort zone, ha ha.

  4. Your post proves that it takes all kinds of people..
    My husband is like you, he thrives on chaos and stress, always looking for the next challenge.. While I prefer my quiet, peaceful, meticulous routine..

  5. Just found your blog through another bride-to-be. We are getting married September 8 and I am in full planning mode as well. Best of luck with the rest of your planning....it will be here in no time!

  6. do you know what earrings you want?