On My Mind

Gosh! I feel like my life is going by a million miles a minute. I wake up for work at 5 AM, get home at 6:30 PM and any spare time I have at that point goes to sorting out wedding details and/or finalizing our move. I don't know if Bridal Brain is a thing, but if it is, I've got it bad

I'm so thankful I have this blog to come to though. There's something so cathartic about writing these here-and-there updates that help me to keep everything straight. Since there's so much on my mind, I thought I'd do my best to relay it all for you.

Today, I'm thankful for... Chuck's Mom, Sherry is here visiting with us. Her reasoning being that she wanted to help us clean and pack in preparation for our move (which we've now thankfully pushed back to August 15th! Hooray!), but mostly we just needed a good night of Jack Daniels-fueled conversation and giggles. We had a wonderful summer night outside on our back deck last night and have plans to go to this place tonight...


Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh. 

Oh. My. God. So. Excited.

Wurst. Schnitzel. Beer. I'm going to be in German hog heaven!

Today, I'm anticipating...our move! We finally worked things out with both our landlords and are set to move in a few short weeks!

Today, I'm dreading...Chuck's bachelor party next weekend. I never thought I would be the girl who was concerned and laying down rules for Chuck's night out with his guys. But as they say, boys will be boys. And  this particular group of boys has "trouble" written all over them!

This actually makes me feel better.
Today, I'm excited for...my gay BFF/second boyfriend, Matt is coming to Pittsburgh next weekend. I need something to distract me from the mischief Chuck will inevitably be getting into and what better way to do that by celebrating one of my best friends' birthdays at a gay bar?! Woohoo!

He totally stole these Playboy tube socks!

Life is good and I am crazy amounts of blessed! I'll try to keep y'all in the loop!


  1. My husband is going on a 20 man bachelor party to Vegas in two weeks and I am just anticipating trouble.

  2. ohhh love the look of your new casa!