Answered Prayers

This week has been...awesome. 
As I mentioned, the wedding is really starting to consume me so it's been such a relief that things have just been falling into place. 
Bachelorette party plans have been drawn up, a tentative itinerary established and details put into place. 
This is what our wedding week is going to look like...

Thursday, August 30th 

4:30 PM. Get off work and drive our hindquarters to the little town of Wilmington, Ohio.

Friday, August 31st

9:00 AM. Wake up, get our marriage license and start making last-minute preparations.

3:30 PM. Pick up my bridesmaid, Whitney, from the airport and drive to Columbus to meet up with my other girls for my Bachelorette Party!

5:00 PM. Check into our downtown hotel suite and get dolled up for my last fling before the ring!


Saturday, September 1st

11:00 AM.  Wake up and try to get my hungover ass back to Wilmington before check-out! Set up our seating and decor for the ceremony.

4:00 PM.  Check into the General Denver (place of our reception!)

5:00 AM. Wedding rehearsal at the farm!

6:00 PM. Rehearsal dinner at Chuck's parent's house.

8:00 PM. Head up to the General Denver to watch Chuck and his brothers play and turn in to get some beauty sleep.

Chuck playing with his brothers, Rob and Lonnie
circa Thanksgiving 2011.

Sunday, September 2nd

9:00 AM.  Head to The Beauty Bar Salon with my girls and spend the day getting pampered and pretty-fied!

6:30 PM. Take a stroll down the aisle.

8:00 PM. Celebrate my marriage with all my best friends and family!

Photo by Dani Byrd

Monday, September 3rd

6:30 AM. Wake up bright and early and head to the airport- JAMAICA HERE WE COME.

Oh yeah...did I mention? 


An answered prayer.


  1. Yay!! Jamaica will be amazing - its definitely a dream destination of mine. Hope everything goes smooth for the wedding. It's coming so quickly!!

  2. How exciting!!
    Jamaica will be a blast!! :)

  3. yeah...how exciting:) cannot WAIT to hear about Jamaica!! i'm sure it will be amazing!! love Katie

  4. That is going to be one busy amazing weekend!! so excited we are getting married the same day!

  5. I'm soo happy that you guys are going to be able to go! I know it will be awesome. And I am dreading the destined Saturday hangover. However, not being alone in our suffering will make it better...maybe. Love you! Cannot wait to see you soo soon!