Wedding Updates!

Well, the goddesses of wedding planning were certainly smiling upon me yesterday. I managed to get so much accomplished and I'm actually starting to get really excited about my wedding. I know it seems so ridiculous, but the majority of our engagement, planning our wedding day seemed to be more stressful than enjoyable. But I'm finally living up this bride thing, and I think it's going to be an amazing day! Here was my day yesterday:

Step One: Accommodations

We're having our reception at the General Denver Hotel. We'll have a tent set up out back on the patio and will be renting out the pub. The GD is home to our favorite Open Mic nights and just the place-to-go in Wilmington for a some good beers shared with some good friends. We're so blessed to be holding it there and so lucky that a lot of our guests will be staying there with us as well. There are about 11 rooms altogether, and yesterday I finally booked our wedding night room!


Step Two: Bridal Shower

Thankfully, my Mom has been responsible for the majority of the planning for my bridal shower. We came up with an awesome theme together and will be hosting it in an adorable Bed-and-Breakfast/Tea Room in Wilmington. Yesterday, I spoke to the owner and fine tuned all our food choices. I think it's going to be a lot of fun and I'm so hoping that a lot of my friends are able to make it!


Step Three: Hair and Make-up

I haven't yet figured out who will be doing my hair the day of. However, there's a salon in Wilmington that I always went to when I lived there and I was hoping maybe I could have my favorite stylist there do my hair. The Beauty Bar is usually not open on Sundays (which is the day of my wedding), but they said they'd be willing to work under certain conditions. I spoke to her about pricing and such, so now I'm just waiting to hear back from my bridesmaids about whether or not they'd like to have their hair professionally done and we'll go from there.

Step Four: Bridesmaid Dresses

Whitney got her dress yesterday! She's the first of my bridesmaids to have her dress done and I was so excited to see how it turned out. You may recall that after my inability to find a dress that came in the range of sizes and colors that I wanted, my Mom and I picked out a fabric I liked and had the girls have their own dresses made. I figured this way, I'd be happy with the pattern and they could style it to their own personal preferences. Check out her post from yesterday to see it for yourself!

Step Five: Flower Girls and Cupcakes

I've been seeing those DIY Tutus all over the internet and knew I wanted to make some for my flowergirls. Our two nieces, Alora and Zyra will be in our wedding and the thought of them wearing little rainbow tutus is cute-overload. I received two coupons in the mail from JoAnn's so I made the trip out there to pick up the tulle and ribbon to make the tutus. Once I was there, I checked out their cake decorating section. We're planning to make our own cupcakes for the reception and there was so many great tools for decorating! With my coupons, I managed to snag 5 yards of tulle, one spool of ribbon, an 8-pack of food coloring, four decorating tips, 4 couplers and a 12-pack of icing bags for...$25! I couldn't believe it!

All this for $25?!

I was so excited about my purchases when I got home, that I started my tutu project right away. I made the first, but was unsure of how I felt about the poofiness (or lack thereof) so I may pick up some more tulle and ribbon before starting on the second one.

My stand-in toddler, Edgar.

Finished with tutu #1!

Although there's still a lot to be done, I'm so pleased with the progress I've made with my stellar wedding-planning team! I have so many friends and family helping me plan this day that I cannot even put into words how blessed I feel. I'm constantly worrying about money and how we're going to pay for the remaining to-do's and our honeymoon, but I know that no matter what happens it's going to be a beautiful day spent with all the people I love.

79 days and counting...


  1. Def needs more tulle I think!

  2. I too think it needs more poof! but way to go doing it yourself!