Eagle Nation

First, let me start by thanking all the ladies who commented on my last post. It really meant a lot to get your insight.

Last night, Chuck and I had such a fun time! We have yet to really make any friends in Pittsburgh so we were all too excited when Eastern University announced it was doing an alumni tour, called Eagle Nation. One of my former supervisors for my summer campus job was even leading the tour. Pittsburgh was stop #5 and I signed Chuck and myself up right away!

A quick picture on our front porch before we left!

The gathering was on the small side, but the alum that turned out were seriously some of the nicest, friendliest people I've ever met. There was even a man from the class of 1956! It was fun bonding over our shared love of our alma mater and hearing how Eastern has changed over the last 60 years and the plans in store for it in the future. Although Chuck didn't attend Eastern he was readily accepted into the family and we received lots of congratulations on our engagement. Plus, it didn't hurt that we got some free swag!

It was such a great night and Chuck and I were so grateful for the opportunity to socialize. Plus, my former supervisor is getting married soon too, so it was awesome being able to compare notes on wedding planning! 

Before we left, I mentioned to the two tour leaders that while sometimes I'm overwhelmed by the amount of debt Eastern left me in, I wouldn't have changed a thing about my time there. My memories at my small, Christian college are well worth the money I invested and I would happily go back in time and do it all over again.

Eastern Alum with President Black and Beaker, the Eastern Eagle

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