Mother of the Bride

I know, I know. It should be a rule that you can't write two posts about your amazing Mama within a week of each other. But to hell with rules, my Mommy is amazing.

Wedding planning is not my forte. Aside from the fact that I'm the least detail-oriented person ever and prone to incredible anxiety at the thought of planning a day where I'm the center of attention all day long, we're planning this wedding on a virtually non-existent budget. This means, that even if I was good at this wedding planning stuff, there'd be no way to afford it!

From the time Chuck and I started dating, my Mom has been 100% there for me. I remember calling her on my lunch break about four months into our relationship, freaking out because I realized I was going to marry him one day. With typical Mama wisdom and calm, she reassured me that there was no pressure to get married until I felt comfortable, but she was confident that Chuck was "The One."

I can only hope to be as beautiful as my Mommy was on her wedding day.
Circa 2008

Neither of our families are loaded down with cash in the least, but they have both stepped up to help in every way they could and make this day as special for us as possible. Because I've never been one to hog the spotlight and our finances have kind of been bumming me out, I've made some sacrifices and have continued to downplay the importance of this day.

My Mommy has been there every step of the way, making me feel the way every bride should feel. She's focused her efforts on making sure that my dress is nothing less than exactly what I want. She's scheduled me wedding makeovers and bought beautiful Chanel and Sephora makeup that I would never even dream of buying and she's taken it upon herself to plan a bridal shower...from 8 hours away.

Every time I have stressed, my Mom has calmed me down. Every time I became overwhelmed with the details, she's made them fun for me. Every time I pretended I didn't want to feel like a princess on my wedding day, she's treated me like the most beautiful and beloved bride in the world.

In my opinion, there is no better Mother of the Bride. And no one better suited to walk me down the aisle.

Circa 1994

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