The Time Travel Express

Every time I log onto Facebook it appears that yet another friend or acquaintance has gotten engaged. Or given birth. When did I get to be the age where having legitimate children and becoming a Mrs. has become the norm?! It seems even more impossible that I'm among these weirdos who has jumped on board the Growing Up Express. So in the spirit of reluctantly growing up, I thought I'd change trains and climb aboard the Time Travel Express today.

First stop: Twenty years ago...I'm still getting used to having a little sister around all the time. Before Kelly got here, I was the apple of my Mommy and Daddy's eye. Their firstborn. Their pride & joy. Then she came home one day  a few months ago and all of a sudden I'm old news. I admit, she's cute. But Mommy! Daddy! Pay attention to me!

Second stop: Fifteen years ago...Things have been weird around home. I won't understand that it's not normal that my Daddy sleeps on the couch every night and not in bed with my Mommy for another couple years. I won't find out that my Mom is tired of her loveless marriage and has asked for a divorce for another couple weeks. I won't hear the news of my father's stroke for another couple months. So until those times, I'll remain blissfully unaware and be upstairs playing Barbies with my sister. Kelly! It's my turn to play with Kate!

Third stop: Ten years ago...My life has been a whirlwind the past couple months. Oh woe is me! My teenage existence is too much to bear! I broke up with my boyfriend of over a year because (okay, the real reason is that we're both too shy and we didn't actually ever talk, but that's just between you and me) I lost interest. After our class trip to Washington DC I started dating his friend who was everything I thought I wanted until he broke up with me for no reason. Wah! Add to the this, the fact that I have to graduate from middle school soon and my life is in shambles!

Fourth stop: Five years ago...In a couple hours it will be midnight. My college roommate is preparing to throw maxi pads at me that spell out "Happy 19th Birthday Roommate!" Gosh! I love that girl. What I don't know is that my mom is having trouble breathing and her chest is bothering her. Tomorrow, she's going to be admitted to the hospital because she has fluid in the lining of her heart that nearly killed her. I'm going to cry hysterically at the thought of losing her and reexamine how important she is in my life. I love you Mommy!

Final stop: April 25, 2012...Woah! That was a crazy ride! I'm so glad I hopped aboard the Time Travel Express because it's made the Growing Up Express ride seem a lot smoother. My sister is now my best friend in the world and I get to see her gorgeous face in a week and a half! My Mom and Dad have long-been divorced, but I don't mind in the least because my Mommy is re-married to the sweetest man who treats her exactly as such a beautiful lady should be treated. Don't even get me started on pretend dating in my teenage years- it was exhausting! I'm so glad I have the love and commitment of my best friend (plus, he's way cuter than those dorks were!). My Mommy is healthy as a horse, my roommate and I are still good friends and I'm about to turn the ripe old age of 24 tomorrow. 

Maybe the Growing Up Express ain't so bad after all.


  1. Those teenage boys were definitely dorks, except for one of mine who seems to have worked out pretty nicely. lol Let's not forget about 'light bulb'...bahaha. Oh gosh. You look pumped about being a girl scout btw. ;)

  2. your blog is so cute:) Annndddd I saw that Cape May is one of your favorite places. I'm from California, but last year I went out to visit my best friend who lives in Philly and we went to Cape May for the day...it was So cute!! enjoy your day! love Katie