Pin-Up Obsessed

There. I said it. I am obsessed with vintage pin-up girls. I don't know if it's the clothes, the hair and makeup, or just the appreciation for gorgeous women who come in all shapes and sizes, but pin-up art continues to fascinate me. I'm so obsessed in fact, that one of my bridesmaids and former college roommate, Laura had a pin-up poster of me made for my 20th birthday. 

Best present ever!
I've also been dropping not-so-subtle hints to my sister and Maid of Honor that a pin-up themed Bachelorette Party would probably make me pee my pants from excitement. As it turns out, Pinterest is the perfect source for all things deliciously pin-up...

I even found some party inspiration!

All this amazing pin-up love can be found on my Pinterest board! Come check it out and say hi!

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  1. Oh JESSICA SIMPSON! I used to want to look like her SO badly... & honestly, I know she's changed and she is now wearing the same "huge" size as I do but that gave me a lot of respect for her! I know this blog wasn't about her but I just wanted ot throw that in!