Dear Boo

I'm sorry that...
  • I'm a sore loser and get grumpy when I don't win
  • I get cranky when I'm tired and/or hungry
  • I don't thank you more for picking up and moving your life for me
  • I constantly doubt our future
  • I don't have more faith in myself as a wife
  • I hold you to a double standard
  • I carry the scars of other heartbreak with me
  • I don't try nearly enough to be the wife-to-be that you deserve
I'm thankful that...
  • You have more patience than I could ever muster
  • You constantly strive to heal my heart from past abuses
  • You let me tickle torture you far more than I allow you
  • You kiss me before you leave every morning
  • You help me cook, clean and pay bills
  • You constantly shower me with compliments 
  • You never doubt, for one second, that we belong together
Dear Boo, I love you.

1 comment:

  1. AWE!!! That's so sweet. I could have written much of this list.

    Except the tickle part. MacGyver HATES it when I tickle him ;-)