Eye of the Tiger

This post will be short and sweet because in a matter of minutes...I'm hitting the road!

I woke up this morning bright and early, banged out my final paper and ran to campus to submit all my finals and return my textbooks. I arrived at my professor's door just as she was leaving...best feeling in the world. I ran to the gym to fit in a quick workout as a preventative measure against the 10 pounds I am bound to gain delighting in holiday treats. I turned on my iPod only to hear...BUM. BUM BUM BUM. BUM BUM BUM. BUM BUM BUMMMM. That's right, folks. As my first grad semester drew to a close and I prepared to depart for holiday adventures in Ohio and CNY, Eye of the Tiger blasted out of my ear buds.

I couldn't have orchestrated that sequence of events any better if I tried. 

With that said, I'm DONE! Time to pack up my Christmas presents, cozy sweaters and 80's prom fatigues (don't ask...) because I'M OUT OF HERE!

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