Throwback Thursday

Today, in honor of this beautiful Thursday afternoon and my new-found ability to create buttons (Thank you, FTLOB!) I am initiating...

Each Thursday, I want to make a habit out of taking a trip down Memory Lane and re-visiting past blogs. It's so fun to look back on past experiences and marvel at how my life has taken shape. I am in a constant state of evolving and growing into what I hope will be a faithful, loving and graceful servant of God. 

Today I chose a blog I wrote following my semester in Uganda. Our last 5 days in the Uganda Studies Program were spent on a debriefing retreat so that we could share everything we'd learned, confess our worries for how we would implement our knowledge upon arriving home and preparing for the inevitable culture shock we'd experience once we were immersed once again in American culture.

This is a letter I wrote to myself on our last day of the retreat, and is one I read every so often so I don't forget the value of my experience abroad and don't allow myself to ever take for granted the life I've been so blessed with:

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