Save AmeriCorps

For the past 8 months I have witnessed the delight in the eyes of a child who has just harvested a foot-long zucchini that they grew themselves. I have heard the testimonies of families in my community who had their grocery bills drastically cut after we had enabled them to grow their own produce. I have watched the local food economy take off thanks to the efforts of AmeriCorps volunteers who've devoted their time to helping local food producers, suppliers and artisans succeed in an economically devasted region. In a town with an 18% unemployment rate I've witnessed AmeriCorps volunteers provide free services to help impoverished families seek food assistance, energy assitance and tax returns, among many other benefits. I know the toll removing AmeriCorps volunteers would take on the community of Wilmington, Ohio. What worries me is the toll it would take on our nation to eliminate AmeriCorps volunteers in every struggling town. Please consider signing this petition to "Save AmeriCorps." Thank you.

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